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Starshaw Planning Application
Hadleighs - Reddown Road
Planning Application - A23 Junction with Woodplace Lane
Lot 48 - Complaint to the Ombudsman (Latest Update)
Croydon Plan local enquiry – Inspector’s Report
Buying Woodplace Lane Gardens for Development
Kenley Aerodrome

Starshaw Planning Application

Are you aware of the planning application for a landfill site at the top of Woodplace Lane ?

Did you know that a large number of trees have already been felled and that 166 HGV loads of landfill waste have already been dumped there ?

The current application is for a further 5 lorry loads of waste to be dumped every day at Starshaw for a period of 6 months – that’s at least 650 lorry loads still to come

This application would:

  • contravene Surrey’s Green Belt Policy
  • It would be harmful to the environment as the proposed inert waste will seriously affect both local nature conservation and the water table.
  • It will cause detriment to local residents – they will be affected by the extra noise, pollution and increased road hazard generated by the proposed number of HGVs adding to an already over used rat run, on a narrow lane with many dangerous bends.
  • Residents in surrounding roads (Fairdene, Downs etc) may be affected if the lorries are too heavy to cross the weak bridge at the bottom of Woodplace Lane.

Reigate & Banstead council may well turn down the application but they need evidence from the local community to support this decision – letters need to be sent before the 13th March 2006 (with application reference 06/00190/CON) to :

RA Hargreaves
Head of Planning and the Countryside
ref RE05/sj/Index 1964
Sustainable Development
County Hall

or email

Full details of the planning application can be seen on the Surrey County Council website at

or alternatively direct on the Reigate & Banstead Council website.


Hadleighs - Reddown Road

Members of the action group attended the planning hearing at Council chambers 22nd December 2005. Also there were all the other local councillors who unanimously deplored the application as oversize and out of character. The Hadleigh hearing was attended by a huge number of residents, so many that the council workers had to ask others to leave the public gallery until after that agenda item because there was not enough room for everyone.

The application was rejected on emotional grounds rather than planning arguments which is worrying for any appeal which would be heard by an Inspector rather than the Council.

We await the next application/appeal.  

Planning Application - A23 Junction with Woodplace Lane

Following the cutting down of trees by the owner of the thin strip of land between the A23 and the railway line (at the junction with Woodplace Lane), we have now heard that a planning application has been made for a number of flats - with direct access onto the A23.

Lot 48 - Complaint to the Ombudsman (Latest Update)

Another letter has been drafted to respond to the latest note from Mr White, at the Ombudsman’s office. It raises the same points that the Ombudsman has continued to avoid and focuses on 3 central arguments:

  1. Residents have been disenfranchised by the short time frame between being made aware of the sale and the sale itself (2 days)
  2. Local councillors for the area were not informed of the sale (Ombudsman has conceded this point)
  3. The 5 criteria determining injustice and maladministration.

We intend copying this and previous correspondence to our MP, Richard Ottaway and another MP who is particularly interested in cases where the Ombudsman has not resolved complaints satisfactorily.  

Buying Woodplace Lane Gardens for Development

A speculative letter has been received by residents with long gardens backing onto Lot49. This letter has been sent by a building company called Copithorne Ltd asking whether residents would be interested in selling some part of their gardens for development.

Kenley Aerodrome

The Kenley Aerodrome site has now been designated a conservation area by both councils which is great news!

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